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This Side of the Grave - Jeaniene Frost I have to add these: I'm not even halfway through the book & it's hysterical:1 - Timmie gave Bones and me a speculative glance. “Before we go, I gotta know: If mind-reading abilities are real, there’s something else I wondered if fiction got right about vampires—”“Ask me if I sparkle and I’ll kill you where you stand,” Bones cut him off with utmost seriousness.2 - Bones: “She’s rogering the plumber every Thursday while you’re at the club. Did you really think your loo needed repairs four times this past month?”The woman let out a shocked gasp even as her husband’s face became mottled.“You told me he was laying pipe, Lucinda!”Bones grunted. “Right you are, mate.”3 - Vlad: “Premature inflamulation,” he replied. “Happens sometimes. Very embarrassing, I don’t like to talk about it.”I'm such a sappy fool. I cried reading Don's passing & I KNEW he would be coming back as a ghost/ghoul/something! Love this series.