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The Mane Event - Shelly Laurenston 3.5 stars for the story, and extra .5 star for the humor. Kept me entertained, and I'll look into the rest of the series. Memorable quotes - 1.Nothing pissed off a wolf more than comparing him to a dog. Smitty didn’t speak to him for three months when he found Mace drunkenly talking to a German Shepherd about Mother Smith’s Tennessee mud pie.2. “Hey, ya’ll. Hey!” he barked to his Pack. “Mace is in love with a dog person!”3. Ronnie’s eyes crossed. The kid hit notes that made her feel like barking in response.4. “Don’t bullshit me, Bren. You’re thinking about Benji.”“Don’t call her that.”5. “Marty’s right, darlin’,” Sissy insisted. “You’re real pretty. Got good strong thighs. And you’ve got oral skills most men would kill for.”Now everyone turned and looked at Sissy Mae.“That’s lovely, Sissy,” Marty sighed out.“I was only complimenting her.”“Compliments like that create hookers.”6. “You tree-climbing heifer!”“You car-chasing slut!”