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Thoughtless (Thoughtless, #1) - S.C. Stephens UGH. 546 pages of drivel. I hate Kiera, completely. She is co-dependent on her "perfect" boyfriend. Mr. Perfect takes a 2 month assignment and leaves her with his BF, Mr. More Perfect than Perfect. Seriously, the amount of times Kellan is described as PERFECT in this book is ridiculous. She develops a close/intimate relationship with Kellan, has an argument with her boyfriend and ends up sleeping with him. BF comes back & she doesn't say anything, they resume their relationship but she still continues her emotional relationship with Kellan. This back & forth is described over & over & over again in the book.Kiera's insecurities, her inability to accept consequences for her actions, indecisiveness, lack of confidence, her "I'm smart" but acts like a dumb bitch act, her inability to articulate any of her choices.I read "I couldn't make the words come out of my mouth" far too many times reading this book. This should be classified as Twilight fanfic, gave me this vibe the entire book with the incessant description of Kiera being described as plain/boring yet ALL the super hot man candy is drooling all over her. So, why 2 stars? Even though it's crap, I finished 546 pages in one day. I'm not proud of that. ETA: The non-stop blushing drove me nuts! She's okay sleeping with her boyfriend's best friend while he sleeps right across the hall from them but you can't cuss in front of her or mention sex. COME ON!