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City of Ghosts

City of Ghosts - Stacia Kane “Chess,”“So … so fuckin bad, want you so fuckin bad … shit so fucking bad …” *Teenage girl sigh* I love me some Terrible. I was very hesitant to read this book since I read somewhere that Terrible wasn't featured as prominently. That was SO WRONG. Many, many things happen in this book &, in my opinion, one of the sweetest scenes between Chess & Terrible. “Fuck.” He flicked his smoke out the window, lit another. “Don’t—ain’t even can trust nothing you say, don’t know why I even botherin to give you the chatter, wasting my fuckin time. You gave me the lies then, you give me em now, lied for months behind my back, and now—” “And if you didn’t give a shit about me that wouldn’t bother you.”“If you really, honestly didn’t care about me and didn’t still—then it wouldn’t bother you, you wouldn’t care, you wouldn’t be sitting here talking to me. Yeah, I lied and I shouldn’t have and it was lousy of me and I’m sorry. I never meant to hurt you, I never wanted that, and I wish so bad I could take it all back, okay? But we both know which one of us is lying now and it’s not me. So you call me when you want to actually talk to me and not just yell at me or tell me what a shitty person I am. I already … yeah, I already know that, okay?”I think that took a lot from Chess. But the MOST IMPORTANT “You know I do, aye? Love you right, Chessiebomb.” “Yeah. Yeah, I do, shit, Terrible, I really love you—” She didn’t wait to finish the sentence, not when his face was so close to hers, when she could kiss him instead of talking.