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Finding the Lost (Sentinel Wars Series #2)

Finding the Lost - Shannon K. Butcher Finished today & I liked the 1st book better.I really didn't connect completely with Andra/Paul. I felt more/was intrigued by Nika/Madoc.IMO, book 2 should have been Zach/Lexi's book. There wasn't enough info give in book #1 regarding Paul. Didn't endear him as a character vs. Zach/Lexi. I do understand that this opened lots of story lines for the author but the result was meh. Some unanswered questions: Is Maura the child that was captured at the end of book 1? She has a connection to Sybil through the doll?Tori - why was Nika seeing her tortured if she was dead? Is she still alive? She sees through the saguth, so I'm assuming it's real time, not memories, since she helped Madoc.Sybil - saying it's not her turn to see. If she passing the torch onto Nika?I was very upset at the ending. The life mark on the Theronai was not thoroughly explained to Andra. They just gave her a quick "he'll die" & she suddenly wanted to bond to him. What changed from before? She didn't know he was out of leaves.Also, Paul was almost dead once the link with Andra was severed but other Theronai have survived much longer after losing their leaves. What gives?I will continue with the series but this will certainly not be a favorite installment.