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Undead and Unpopular (Betsy Taylor Series #5)

Undead and Unpopular - MaryJanice Davidson Only a couple pages in but the characters are describing advancements that leave my mind boggled. Apparently, there's a small novella in between Undead and Unreturnable Synopsis:"A Fiend in Need" reveals the true identity of George the Fiend when Antonia, the seer of the Wyndham werewolves, knocks on Betsy Taylor's door after receiving a vision that she is supposed to travel to Minneapolis to serve the queen. NO WONDER!Another thing bugging me, why repeat character names???? There is John/Jon/Jon & now Antonia/Antonia. REALLY? Not necessary. Just name her Jane & be done with it! Although nothing really significant happened (very light read) I loved it. The humor & snark were great.