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Lily in Wonderland - Kelly Fitzpatrick Putting this one down for a bit. Not done yet but want to write this down before I forget:1-The H/h relationship. In the books I usually read, the strong willed heroine wants nothing to do with the Hero. He pursues her. I get tired of the same thing after a while but now I know why it works so well. Turn the tables around, and if not done correctly, you get an irritating heroine. Lily, uncertain of staying with Toby, even though she finally "caught" him is infuriating. Also, saying I love you after 5 seconds of knowing each other is not my thing. 2-The plot is moving very slowly. It picks up a bit and then drags along. There are some unnecessary scenes that could be completely eliminated. 3-The sex. Yes, it's there, which I appreciate since I find novels w/o them .... boring (unless it's a FANTASTIC book), needs more detail. Fade to black scenes do not work for me. This is not Twilight. 4-The murder mystery. I couldn't care less about the murdered brothers. Seems 2 pieces of trash were removed & the only person who really cares about solving the murders is Toby. 5- The humor. I do like snarky commentary, especially from the heroine, but it seems Lily just lays it on thick EVERYWHERE. Will return once done.