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A Hunger Like No Other - Kresley Cole Re-read April 2011Don't know why I was hesitant to get into this series,(maybe it was the less than stellar book #1) it's actually quite good.I love when a book can make me laugh. --------------------------------------------------------After re-reading the 1st book, you can appreciate all the detail & work Cole puts into this series. Nix is very involved with Emma & Lachlain's romance, something that I didn't come to appreciate until this 2nd reading. Nix's character progresses with the series, she's actually one of my favorites, and I loved seeing how involved she was with Emma's decision to leave with the vampire to Helvita & keeping Emma from communicating with Annika while with Lachlain. I still find the book funny, although there is a major masochist factor with Emma. Think I'll re-read The Warlord Want Forever since I really didn't like it the 1st time around.