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Full Moon Rising - Keri Arthur I hate that moon heat premise has Riley in constant heat. Don't get me wrong, I like steamy scenes in my books, I prefer books to have them but when they're just thrown in for the sake of having them, and not contributing towards the story, then they're not necessary. Her attitude towards Quinn (the hero) is hypocritical. She completely trusts him to save her brother by himself, buy her crap, she completely throws herself at him, flirts uncontrollably (badly, BTW) yet she doesn't trust him to keep her safe/transport her. I don't get it.Also, her returning to spend the night with Talon after he had drugged her, very weird. Ugh. Just ugh. And, for once, can someone not be a millionaire? Every guy interested in the heroine is a millionaire, well hung, and incredibly good looking. Granted, I don't want to read a steamy scene with Quasimodo but at least have some semblance of normalcy. *Snort* Maybe I ask for too much since it IS a PNR book.