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Hit List - Laurell K. Hamilton PLEASEEEEEE, please let the next book be the one where they kill Olaf! I still somewhat enjoy this series but it's annoying. More time was spent discussing why Anita is so desirable to EVERY-DAMN-BODY than the actual plot. Example:"Hey, Edward. Yes, there are shapeshifter killers out there.""Anita, I called Olaf in as backup. Watch your back because he's obsessed with you, considers you his gf, and would like to kill you.""It's okay, I fit his victim profile but I'll still taunt him by making out with one of my 9 boyfriends right in front of him.""Okay, but be careful. You know how dangerous he is.""Oh, no worries. I'm dangerous, too."And, that's a summary ... this shit goes on entirely too much. Okay, so the Harlequin are after Anita. They finally manage to kidnap her and 5 minutes into her capture decide ... Ahhhh, let's just let her go. We don't agree with the Mother of All Darkness after all. You know, we orchestrated the attack, have been chasing her for months but ... Nahh, my bad, we were wrong. You're free to go.While escaping, plans are foiled & Marmee Noir tries to possess Anita. This badass/Mother of all Vampires & she gets offed in the most ridiculous way. P.S. She only had sex once! Whaaaaaaaaa...