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Sterling (Mageri, #1) - Dannika Dark This book was great from beginning to end. Not your typical UF with shifters/weres/vampires, this series centers around the world of the Mage. While it had some errors that should have been caught with editing, it didn't detract from the story.Although the story was well paced, some little things bugged me:1- When Remy was telling Zoe her "future" she just got up & walked to the bar. WHY?? Wouldn't you want to know more about this new life you were just thrown into? 2- When Zoe felt a presence while strolling through the woods, Knox went off to investigate but no follow up was given. What happened? Found something/Didn't find anything? Overall, it was great, a refreshing change of pace. Looking forward to #2. I would give it 4.75 stars. Oh, and it's only 99 cents on Amazon! Amazing deal!