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Love is Darkness (Valerie Dearborn, #1) - Caroline Hanson WTF GOODREADS! YOU SWALLOWED MY REVIEW! Will review again at a later date. ____________________________________________________________________Review take 2I picked up this book because I very much enjoyed Bewitching the Werewolf by Hanson. Very cute, short PNR story with lots of laughs (My only qualm - the heroine hooks up with the guy & explodes into orgasm from one touch. COME ON, we all wish we could but that is never going to happen)Love is Darkness had promise. They fey, the wolves, vampires & an empath (all walk into a bar *chuckle, chuckle*) intertwined & functioning together was interesting. Lucas was interesting. Jack was interesting ... BUT the book wasn't interesting.Valerie as a heroine was ... annoying. Her main preoccupation was getting laid. Mind you, not much sex in the book but Valerie is down right obsessed with it. So much so that during the climatic scene (where Lucas is fighting to the death) Valerie is gawking at his ass & wondering when she can get into his pants. Other than that, the book was very disjointed. Details weren't given to explain or make the story cohesive. Reading the synopsis just now answered one of my questions. The love triangle was annoying, the chemistry between the characters was almost non-existent. Very glad I got this book free (Amazon Prime Lending) and don't intend to continue with the series.