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Kiss the Dead - Laurell K. Hamilton 2.5 starsIt's sad to say that the sex was the best part of this book. I hate that the Anita books have become vampire fashion books. I REALLY don't care about people's hair/length/color/silkiness/curls/shine as much as LKH. The degree to which she describes peoples physical appearance & clothing is RIDICULOUS. I seriously skimmed half this book. Plus, we KNOW Anita is not tall, thanks for the 5,987 reminders LKH. I think it's safe to say that anyone reading this book is a fan of the series. The detailed description of EVERY SINGLE WEAPON is not necessary, especially when, ultimately, Anita doesn't even use the damn things. Also, when is Anita going to HUNT Otto? I really hoped this book would be it vs. this filler crap. Finally, the Anita guilt trip is getting old. The day she owns up to any of her shit will be the day I give another Anita book 5 stars. The constant reminder of her badass-ness only to be shown that she's really not badass at all is tiring. Anita has more emotional swings than a teenager invited to homecoming by their crush. Maybe it's time to let the series die ..... it's becoming painful to read.