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Mystery Man (Dream Man, #1) - Kristen Ashley I can't believe I enjoyed this book after the rough beginning. It even made me tear up in places. I have a list of pros & cons concerning this book, they're a bit spoiler-ish so I'll hide them for those who haven't read the book. Pros1- It's funny2- Diversity! Love that not everyone is Caucasian.3- Tack4- Elvira - lurveeee her5- Leo & his I still have a dick speech. 6- Tack's I got you speech.7- Made me tear up. (Adoption Papers)Cons1- KA tries to influence what I feel when she writes. Example:“Then he’ll appreciate it when you tell him, no matter what happens, I promised you I’d handle you with care,” he whispered backUm… yowza!I believe this was the third Yowza on the same page. 2- Gwen is an airhead. She grew on me & I saw moments of lucidity in the book but in the beginning it didn't endear her to me. 3- Sleeping with someone for a year & a half & not knowing their name.4- BC Pills - Hawk sees them in the house & decides not to use protection anymore. 5- Gwen states (when they're in a relationship) that he never used protection with her during that year & 1/2. WHAT? Was she not concerned for herself?6- Everyone is gorgeous. Ridiculous.7- Gwen is obviously irresistible. Hawk, Mitch, Troy, & Tack all want her.8- As with all KA books, I felt it was a bit long. 9- The language is a bit off putting. Example: I got you. I don't understand. I got you And suddenly, it becomes clear to the character. WTF. In the end, I did enjoy it. It was touching, funny, & sweet. As my buddy Pam told me: If you suspend belief, you will enjoy it. Absolutely agree with her.