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Devoured (Devoured, #1) - Emily Snow “I don’t need you to speak for me.”“Then learn how to do it for yourself. God, you’ve had no problem telling me to fuck off from the start, but everyone else . . .”He turns away from me, and I focus on a tiny piece of lint on the hem of my dress. My heart is beating erratically—faster than it was last night. I wait until it slows down and I catch my breath to say, “Because you scare me, Lucas.” This book had promise but I don't think it's fully delivered.Lucas and Sienna have a highly tumultuous relationship. They've been together before but we never learn specifics from their past relationship which makes interpreting their current interactions difficult. Yes, there is desire and sexual chemistry but what's their history? Why do they react they way they do to each other? Sienna's character was very lacking. She hates Lucas/loves him/hates him/devours him/hates him/loves him with all her heart. It all became a bit much. Would probably pick up #2 to see what becomes of them but I'm not anxiously awaiting it's release.