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The Theory of Attraction - Delphine Dryden I was in the mood for a hot, steamy read & boy did this book deliver. The tension, buildup between Cami & Ivan was fantastic!Ivan, a very intelligent but socially awkward nerd, and Camilla, the next door girl who hides her feelings, were such a good fit. So ...when did Ivan, the nerd, become incredibly attractive to me as a reader? Here:Before I could open the door, a pair of hands slapped against the wall on either side of me, trapping me between two lean arms. My world constricted in a heartbeat to the cinderblock wall in front of me, cold and gray with layers of glossy institutional paint…and the body behind me, hot and firm and undeniably male.“Camilla,” he growled, “I want to make some things perfectly clear to you, and you are going to listen to me. Do you understand?” Ohhh, alpha behavior gets me every time. Their chemistry was great, the sex scenes were unbelievably hot and their relationship growth was believable ... This book checked off all boxes for me. Pick it up!