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Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet - Darynda Jones 4.5 stars Can we please take a moment & bow our heads for the hotness that is Reyes? Whew. I needed that.The last 15% of this book was AMAZING! It was nice learning a bit more about Charley, her past, her beginnings, her abilities BUT I NEED MORE. I was truly baffled at the turn in Harper's case, did not see that coming. Denise ... I think she's trying .... not enough, but she's trying.Glad to see Charley & Gemma bonding.Love Cookie, needed more of her in this book. And, hello, let's get her a little nookie. Donovan ... somehow, that didn't pan out as I expected. I thought he would've been a more active participant in Charley's life. Can we come back to Reyes? Yeah ... YUM! Overall, I enjoyed the story but I felt the beginning was a bit all over the place. Earlier updatesUPDATE: NEW RELEASE DATE OCTOBER 2012! YESSSSSSSSSS! *Fist pump*Wooohooo! REALLY!!!?!?!? I thought we were getting 2 Charley books this year.