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Hunting Season (Gathering Series #1)

Hunting Season - Shelly Laurenston Shelly Laurenston can do no wrong. Loved the humor, the characters, the story. Funny quotes:1-“I’d like this dress more if I wasn’t forced into it.” “Forced?” “Yeah.  Janelle held me down while the rest of ‘em put it on me.” Yager stood up straight, his eyes looking off blindly.“My God, woman.  The visual.  Was there porn music in the background?”2- “Hey, Chuck.  Do me a favor and stop at the drug store before we get to Dr. Lawrence’s apartment.” “You got it.” He looked over at Neecy and found her with her face in her hands.  “What’s wrong?” “Are you trying to embarrass the hell out of me?” on, Neecy.  We’re all adults.  Besides, would you prefer he thought I was going in bareback?”3- With her tucked into his big arms, Yager moved easily to the enormous bathroom.  Carefully he lowered her onto the toilet.  Then he stood back and stared at her. “Well…go on.” Her mouth dropped open in shock, but she quickly recovered.  “Have you lost your mind?  Get out.” “Come on, Neecy.  Aren’t we past this?” The last of her control snapped.  “Out!” Chuckling, “Okay.  Okay.  I’m going.”  He stepped to the doorway “And, you know, you can do whatever you need to in here.  You don’t have to keep it to peeing.” “Yager!” He laughed a little louder and walked out, closing the door behind him.4- “They cloned it, you idiots!” “Shut up!”  Janelle screamed it so loudly, her voice even dropping a few octaves, Arri was ready to bolt out of the room.  But when she turned back around Janelle had the prettiest grin on her face.  “They must have cloned it, Dee.”Delia grinned right back, both of them thoroughly enjoying torturing Molinski.  “You’re right, Janelle.  You’re so smart.” “Bitches,” Molinski muttered from the couch.5- Two more crows dived at Mike, freaking the poor kid out.  Then six more. “Then what the…”Tye sipped his coffee as Mike did his best to keep the birds away from him.  “It’s not Neecy,” he offered casually.  “It’s that meat and bird seed I put in his pockets.” Delia covered her mouth in surprise, but she couldn’t stifle the laughter. Yager shook his head.  “Why?” They watched as Mike ran to the doors, trying to get in.  But, apparently, Tye locked them and seemed in no rush to unlock them. “He knows why.” Mike slammed his fist against the thick glass and pointed at Tye while the growing number of birds steadily attacked his coat and therefore him. “You motherfucker!” “See?”  Tye took another sip of his coffee.  “Told you he knows why.”