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The Beast in Him (Pride Stories Series #2)

The Beast in Him - Shelly Laurenston Really enjoying this series. Have to say this one was better than the first.Memorable quotes - 1. “Oooh. Those are mighty fightin’ words from a guy who just got shot down by a Rhodesian Ridgeback.”2. Arms crossed over that massive chest, the lion looked down his nose at Smitty as only a cat could. “What else have you taught my son? How to chase his tail? Lick his ass?”3. Smitty sat down and Sissy glared at him from between Sabina and Dez. “‘And I’ll get to know my baby’s mate,’” she mimicked with a sneer.“Now, now, Sissy Mae. Don’t be jealous ’cause you’re barren and lonely.”Mitch laughed until that basket of hot dinner rolls hit him right in the head.