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A Night Like This (Smythe Smith Quartet 2)

A Night Like This - Julia Quinn 4.75 starsThis book was just shy of perfect for me. I love romance so I enjoy the predictability of the hero/heroine falling in love. What stood out for me: the humor & the banter between the main characters. The progression of their relationship with the addition of the Pleinworth cousins had me in stitches! I can't remember the last time I laughed out loud reading a book! I've read many books that avoid all the dialogue between a couple, focusing instead on smoldering glances & racing hearts that fall in love at first sight. Nice when appropriate but a bit mushy for my tastes. Although Daniel did instantly fall for Ms. Wynter (this is the one thing that bugs me about the book) BECAUSE of her beauty, it didn't detract from the overall story. Also, step WAY up from the first in this series.