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Oracle's Moon (Elder Races Series #4)

Oracle's Moon - Thea Harrison AMAZING!!!!!!! After the disappointment of Serpent's Kiss, Thea Harrison has completely redeemed herself with this book. Kahlil & Grace's relationship was breathtakingly sweet. Watching it progress & grow from "protection" to love was a journey! I think my favorite part of romance books is experiencing new love with the characters. The butterflies in the stomach, the anticipation of the others arrival, the expectation of the first kiss. A talented author will enable you to feel these emotions with the characters & Harrison excelled at it with this book. I felt part of Kahlil & Grace's relationship. Apart from their romance, Grace & Kahlil are Kick Ass Characters. Grace's strength & perseverance & Kahlil's solidity wowed me. There came a time in the book where I feared Harrison might be falling into her formulaic pattern but suddenly ... BOOOOOM! The other shoe dropped & it was a thing of wonder! Now, for the story:1- Not a big deal but it rubs me the wrong way how Thea throws in "big" words. I'm not ashamed to admit I had to look up the word irascible. (Easily angered, in case you're wondering) Why did I look it up? The heroine, a 23 yr old is throwing this word around in everyday sentences. A bit much, IMO. 2- The reading for Dragos. I consider myself a very direct person. Whatever you have to say, give it to me as directly as you can. The prophecy/reading was poetic babble. I know this will play an integral role in subsequent books, but not understanding what it means drives me a little crazy.3- Healing the Djinn. This seemed like an easy out. The ghost of their past selves integrates itself into the newer, damaged Djinn. HOW? Their past self died because of pain/torture/experience? Not buying it. So ... if you haven't read this series, please do. It's brilliant. Start with book #1 Dragon Bound, which was a 5 star read for me, as well.