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The Mighty Storm (The Storm, #1)

The Mighty Storm (The Storm, #1) - Samantha Towle Ugh. I feel like I just read Thoughtless again. Such promise but this book didn't deliver. The beginning was good, their initial meeting. The hesitant glances, the nervousness, recreating childhood events, all of it extremely sweet but then .... 1. Spell check is your friend. All of the spelling errors, the grammatical errors were unending.2. Bad Spanish. Google translate should not be your go-to when writing a book.3. Both H/h are completely self involved and immature.4. Tru is attracted by the smell of cigarettes. Yuck-o. 5. Tru also suffers from what I like to call attitude whiplash. Perfectly fine with a situation and all of sudden it's like the Exorcist has arrived. Although many throughout the book, the most noticeable is the marriage proposal. Under no circumstances will she consider a relationship with Jake but, oh boy!, pull out a pink diamond & she's done for. 6. Which brings me to the next issue, goldigger, baby!7. The cheating. 8. Tru doesn't want to embarrass Will by being seen with Jake in public one day after they breakup. Too soon, she says. Two days is perfect, though! 9. They are together a couple of days before she's fantasizing about diamond rings (see #5) and when they visit Tiffany & Co., she "accidentally" blurts out her burning desire for a pink diamond to a millionaire.Ugh.