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Coming Undone (Brown Siblings Series #2)

Coming Undone - Lauren Dane About 80% in & I can't take anymore. I'm done.Lauren Dane manages to retell the same story in many different ways.Lauren Dane books I have read:Giving Chase - Heroine is stalked & abducted by ex-boyfriend. Hero is there for her, tells her she is perfect, consoles her & brings her back to the world of the living where everything is bright & cheery & perfect. Taking Chase: Chase Brothers, Book 2 - Heroine is attacked by a stalker, who ends up murdering someone special to her, and now she lives with the echo of her loss. Heroes (there are 2) therapeutically fuck her back to her senses after she confronts the stalker now killer. Everything is bright & cheery & so very fucking wonderful again. Coming Undone - Heroine is beaten by her hubby, now harassed by his family, runs right into the hero's arms. Where - and I'm only guessing here since I made it to 80% of the book - he makes everything right & bright & cheery & sooooo fantastically great again. Also, the sex in this book was BORING. DOWNRIGHT BORING. The author added a sex scene from the characters of Laid Bare to spice up the book because it was so damn BORING. So, why my 2 star rating? Because I ALMOST finished the book.If you're in the mood for a story that centers around a dominating man, who really isn't dominating at all; a self doubting abused female who needs to meet said man to set her life straight and BORING sex, this is most definitely the book for you.